Our Origin & Core Value

Welcome To Emmanuel Higher Secondary School

Emmanuel Higher Secondary School Morena was established in the year 1987.It is located in Maharajpur road and its branch in Madhopura. For the last 30 years Emmanuel has been considered as a synonym of excellence in the field of education in and around Morena,Madhya Pradesh. Come forth to learn and go forth to serve is our motto.Our aim is to prepare children to face the challenges of the new world which changes constantly.Preparing each citizen to serve the nation in a better way to fulfil the declared values and moral in the constitution is the dream behind the establishment of the school.In order to make this dream a reality, quality education and moral values are imparted to the children.

Core Values:

E - Excellence

M - Maturity

M - Manners

A - Academics

N - Nobility

U - Unity

E - Efficiency

L - Leadership