Mission & Vision

Our Mission

It is believed that all the living beings are created by the Almighty, the part of that Divine Spirit exists in each individual. Emmanuel Schools helps the children to identify those inborn qualities in them to develop those unique talents and empower them to serve the family, community and Nation in a spirit of love, justice, equality and fraternity. For this purpose a congenial environment is provided here to help the students to inculcate an open and a positive attitude towards learning and discipline.

Our Vision

1. The Vision of the school is to provide quality education and moral values.
2. The School aims at training the children to play a vital role in bringing about the desired changes in their lives and among their fellowmen by service to the nation in a spirit of justice,truth and love.
3. To create an environment where teaching and learning is fun and valued, and a place where growth and accomplishment are encouraged and celebrated.
4. To make an environment where students achieve their potential through academic, sports and cultural experience.
5. To help students to develop an active, energeticand enquiring mind.
6. To encourage students to understand spiritual and moral values that would help them to develop confidence and self-reliance to face the new challenges which appear to them in day today life.
7. To give awareness of the World in which we live and acknowledge the interdependence of people and Nations.